About Us

Why pediatric dentistry instead of general dentistry?

On behalf of the doctors and staff at Bay area smiles we welcome you to our dental family! We specialize in providing an introduction to dental care to toddlers through our toddler program, comprehensive care to children of all ages, and orthodontic treatment for children and adults. The kids and teens who visit us aren’t interested in our special training, board certification or pediatric expertise. And they rarely notice how we use special techniques and equipment to give them the high-quality care they deserve. They don’t care that we’ve been around for over 50 plus years, either. They just love the fun, friendly atmosphere at Bay Area Smiles, and they feel reassured by the warmth and personal attention of our team.

Pediatric dentistry is about children. We are specially trained to handle dental problems unique to kids — just as a pediatrician are specially trained to care for your children’s medical health needs. We offer sedation dentistry to those children who have high anxiety or who cannot sit still long enough for their treatment to be completed.

Our orthodontists utilize the latest orthodontic technology to provide exceptional orthodontic treatment for children and adults. Our mission is to ensure that patients of all ages can have a smile they love. We offer a variety of treatment options from traditional stainless steel braces, to more discreet clear braces and Invisalign® allowing patients to make the right choice for them.

Having the pediatric team and orthodontic team under one roof is not only convenient for you but it allows for more efficient communication between the two specialties to better treat your child.